What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement?

In New South Wales, a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is a legal agreement between a developer and a local council or state government agency, setting out the contributions or benefits that the developer agrees to provide in return for development approval. VPAs...Read More

Love thy neighbour – common neighbourhood disputes

We’ve all heard of the saying “love thy neighbour”, however it is sometimes difficult to feel this way if your neighbour is breaching residential noise restrictions or if you are in the middle of a boundary or fencing dispute. It’s easy to feel...Read More

Modifying or extinguishing a covenant on your land

Understanding what a covenant is and how it affects your property forms an important part of the due diligence process for a conveyancing transaction. Covenants can also impact the way you wish to use or develop an existing property. Generally, there are two types of...Read More

What is an encroachment?

An encroachment occurs when part of a building or fixture from one property intrudes onto adjoining land. The encroachment may simply overhang or be physically attached to the adjoining property. Examples include overhanging tree branches or awnings from a neighbour’s...Read More